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invantive controlthé Salesforce Excel add-in

Combine Salesforce and Invantive Control for Excel to increase the Salesforce experience even more

Salesforce provides you with lots of useful information. The Excel add-on Invantive Control visualizes, analyzes and controls any data you need about your Salesforce data. Because the Salesforce database provides you with so much information, it will be much easier and time saving to use Invantive Control for Excel to do the work for you instead.

Customer Relationship Management will help you to reduce costs and increase profits by organizing and automating business processes. Invantive Control for Excel will make this process easier and more efficient. Also, it will be much easier to understand current and future threats and opportunities which can help you to make the right decisions.

The benefits of using the Salesforce Edition of Invantive Control for Excel

The Salesforce Edition of Invantive Control provides you with benefits such as:

  • Flexibility of Excel paired with the data integrity provided by your own databases
  • Download and upload facts to Salesforce using an Excel add-in.
  • Create and execute predictive marketing models from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Open and handle large templates and models within Excel using the integrated document management system (DMS).
  • Design and edit different spreadsheets based upon Salesforce.