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Connect your applications using proven Invantive technology and ODBC

Invantive Bridge is an SDK that enables your applications and databases to connect using the same technical features as offered by the range of Invantive products. Invantive Bridge provides cloud connectivity as well as an advanced SQL engine and drivers. With Invantive Bridge you can offer your customers your applications and data from the cloud and even offer a custom ODBC driver for it.

The use of the cloud connectivity options of Invantive Bridge allows you to use a wealth of connection options to combine applications, processes and data across the cloud into one connected solution.

The advanced SQL engine within the SDK enables your solutions to offer an easy reporting and analysis environment independent of and in addition to the connectivity protocols already available. For instance, when you offer a reliable REST API on a limited number of data elements and only MySQL access for the rest with far too many privileges, you can use the SQL engine of Invantive Bridge to control the access.

The custom ODBC driver allows you to make these reporting and analysis features on your application also available on the enormous amount of programs that can use ODBC.

The Power BI edition of Invantive Bridge eases integration of Salesforce into Power BI. It can download large sets of data across all available objects.

Connections can be made to over 50 including Salesforce. Some connectors such as traditional database drivers require additional licenses and/or software.

Save time and money

The connectivity offered by Invantive Bridge will bring your applications advantages such as:

  • Cloud-connectivity.
  • Custom ODBC driver.
  • Independence of 32/64 bit driver availability.
  • Advanced SQL engine.
  • Automatic connection failover and routing.